Meet Co-Founder Emily Warburton-Adams of Pow Food

We spoke to Emily Warburton-Adams @english_ems, co-founder of Pow Wow Food (which we love). Pow Food creates healthy, nourishing food and is BCorp certified. Their mission: to deliver exceptional tasting food, responsibly and purposefully. Follow their journey on @powfood.

Please tell me a bit about you - how do you start your day?

My name is Emily, I'm 29, born and bred in London and currently live in Notting Hill with my boyfriend. I moved back in 2017 after a career on super-yachts as a second stewardess, which led to me taking part in a season of Below Deck on NBC's Bravo, then living in the USA for a year. Now, firmly back in London, I am very close with my family and our two little Jack Russells, Misty and Whiskot. My mornings vary quite a bit depending on the day ahead but I wake up at around 7 and either go for a yoga class or walk.

I'm very lucky to live around the corner from my favourite studio - Love Supreme. I'll often be answering emails and work comms in the morning, as admittedly, I'm not very good at leaving things to wait. Pow Food has a breakfast service, so there's a lot going on from the get go!

After an hour or so, I'll have a coffee and breakfast and leave the house around 8:30 to head to the office or meet with clients in central London or to my mums, who runs the company with me.



Please can you tell me how Pow Food began?

In 2018, I had returned to the UK after living abroad and had qualified as a nutrition health coach. I have always been passionate about the power of food and nutrition and its impact on health after my own recovery journey, in which food was integral. I was looking for a new venture in this space, as was my partner and mother Ali, who had spent years in the catering industry and understood the goings on behind the scenes in catering - most of the food was beige and unhealthy! And, so Pow Food was born and it has since has grown and evolved a lot from its inception but the core mission around providing 100% whole foods that support your mind and body health while creating positive change still remains. 

What was the inspiration?

For me, personally, it was experiencing first-hand the transformative impact of eating the right foods and what that can do for your body. Having worked in such an indulgent, environmentally destructive industry (yachting), I had a drive to do something that aligned with my values and made a difference through its practices.

What is your favourite thing about running Pow?

It would have to be the diversity - every day is different, evolving with our team and the unpredictability of running a business. As tough as this can be at times, it brings me so much joy and keeps me on my toes.
What's been the biggest achievement for the business?

There have been many milestones, however for me, as Head of Sustainability it was becoming BCorp certified in February 2023. Launching our home delivery range in 2022 was also a big achievement!



Any tips or recipes for a get-together?

I love creating a grazing board or table with gorgeous dips, deli items and canapés as it means there is something for everyone and you can get very creative.

How do you find balance between creativity and running a business?

I find it difficult due to the pace of things, which doesn't leave me very relaxed. However, when I am in a zone and can switch off from external noises, I love being creative - whether it be a brainstorm, or personal hobbies such as art, creating content or writing.

What's your tips for hosting a dinner party? 

Leave minimal prep work for the night. You don't want to be sweating over a stove or rushing around to the point you are not enjoying the time with your guests. I am a firm believer in having food prepped and ready for the final touches, so all you need to do is make it look great on a platter. This is what our home delivery gourmet range is about - making meal times, especially when hosting, super simple without compromising on quality.

What is a must for your table - how do you style your table?

I like creating height and depth and playing with different ornaments, using things that wouldn't typically be on a table, as well as, flowers and layering tablecloths with different textures. 

What are your five favourite homeware Marla & Primrose pieces?

This is such a hard question, I could devour the whole collection! I'm drawn to the Wiggle linen tablecloth in cacoaburnt orange candles and check green love heart dinner plates with porcelain place cards and ceramic artichokes!

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