Meet Hope - Founder of By Hope Home
By Hope captures the beauty from outside and brings it indoors to your table with her beautifully designed linens. Inspired by flora and greenery, discover how By Hope began and her latest winter collection. Follow on Instagram at @by.hope.home 



Please tell me a bit about you? 

My name is Hope and I own By Hope. I have moved to Bristol from London with my husband and English Bull Terrier, Reggie!

How do you start your day?  

Always a coffee and a cuddle with Reg before sitting down to emails and packing orders.

What was the inspiration behind By Hope? 

"It grew from the need to bring the beauty of nature into any home."

 I created By Hope after being made redundant from my fashion design role during lockdown. I started picking and pressing flowers on my lockdown walks as gifts for friends and family - this led to the creation of By Hope.

 Where do you find inspiration for your table linens?

Nature! Our launches are always seasonal so inspired by the flowers at that time of year so they can be dressed with seasonal flowers.

What is your favourite thing about running By Hope Home?

The feedback from wonderful customers! I love seeing pictures of how our customers style their By Hope linens.



Any new pieces exclusive for the winter? 

We have launched our Winter Wildflowers collection. I wanted this range to be a design that could be used all year round, lots of gorgeous greenery inspired by our hedgerows.

How do you make your space unique?

I love collecting a mix of pieces from charity and antique shops and small brands. I don't think you have to spend a fortune it is just being clever with the stand out bits you buy. Brands like Marla & Primrose and Glassette are great as they do the hard searching work for you!

Any tips for hosting a winter dinner party?

 Lots of candles to make it super cosy! I also love foraging foliage to make simple centre pieces. 

What is a must for your table?

A collection of bud vases with some seasonal flowers - such an easy way to elevate your table.



How would you style your table for a get-together?

 Obviously, start with a By Hope linen add a raffia placemat for some texture, a simple plate, then a mix of bud vases and candle sticks adding seasonal flowers or foliage and some colourful candles. Keep the table simple so you can spend the most time with your guests. That is what is great about our linens, they are covered in flowers and foliage meaning you can keep your decorations minimal.

What are your five favourite homeware Marla & Primrose pieces?

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