Meet Designer Monique Lucas
Meet Monique Lucas - Founder of Monique Lucas Design and Home

Monique Lucas began her career in design at her home in the Isle of Wight. Inspired by the island’s coastal landscapes and seaside, her homeware brand is full of original design with sustainability at its core, made entirely in the UK.

We met with interior and homeware designer Monique to chat about what’s next on her design journey with her new design studio, Monique Lucas Design. And, of course, how she styles her favourite Marla & Primrose homeware. 





Tell me about Monique Lucas design – what’s your inspiration? 

Monique Lucas Design is my latest venture – an interior & design studio that combines original design and a curation of uplifting interiors. When approaching projects, colour (and fun) is a must, I’ve always loved how the interiors can boost your mood. I have ‘LIVE JOYFULLY’ on a massive canvas above my bed, a little reminder to bring joy into the home. 

I have a background in interior architecture and before setting up my homeware brand, I had worked in LA for a design group in west Hollywood. It seemed like the natural next step to combine my love for homeware and interiors in long-term design projects. 

My bespoke hand-drawn, original homeware is available on @moniquelucashome. I have loved working with sustainable businesses and brands helping develop ideas, works commissioned include: bespoke homeware for The Round Hill Estate in Yorkshire, and branded linens for The Isle of Wight Tomato Stall. 

How would you describe your tablescape style?

I would describe my style as eclectic — a mix of both old and new pieces. As with all my design, nature is a source of inspiration. I always try to add some to a table setting whether it be flowers, plants, shells, autumnal foliage — really the possibilities are endless and they really can make a setting unique. What I love most about tablescapes is how it can become a conversation starter and really bring people together for a fun dinner party or brunch. 



What was the inspiration for Monique Lucas home?

The inspiration for my homeware brand @moniquelucashome was the Isle of Wight (my home). You will find marine life is one of the themes in my work, as well as nature. I also find a lot of inspiration from travelling and books - I’ll happily spend a Sunday morning looking through them for hours on end. A recent trip to Paxos in Greece gave me an idea for a new collection which I’m excited to share soon.

Favourite interior design accounts?

My favourite interior design accounts have to be Martyn Lawrence Bullard and Kathryn Ireland. They are both inspirational interior designers, who have also both curated thoughtful and beautiful product lines and collaborations. They were on the Hollywood TV series Million Dollar Decorators, which I used to watch religiously. If you haven't watched and you have a passion for interiors, I highly recommend it!

Tips for hosting a dinner party? 

The art to hosting a dinner party really comes down to the preparation. I'm hosting a large dinner in a few weeks and have already started the planning. Homeware to lay the table, drinks, candles, playlist, ice buckets, bar station... the list goes on! I love to be able to talk to friends in the evening, so I try to always minimise the clutter in the kitchen and clean as I go along.



What is a must for you table?

A must for my table is definitely greenery or flowers. 

Favourite Marla & Primrose homeware? 

My favourite item has to be the new reusable porcelain name cards made by Joanna ling. I love how you can reuse these for years to come. 

What would you use to create your dream tablescape from the M&P collection?

I would use the porcelain namecards, yellow murano tumblers as they are so joyful and I love the colour yellow. The handmade dinner shell plates (because I love a touch of the coast), ruffle yellow linen napkins to tie in with the murano glassware. And your beautiful ceramic artichokes down the centre as a display. 


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